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Dein Charakter stirbt, wenn er sämtliche Trefferpunkte verloren hat. Trefferpunkte kann er auf verschiedene Arten verlieren:

  • durch einen gegnerischen Angriff
  • durch eine Falle
  • durch einen Sturz aus großer Höhe
  • durch Sauerstoffmangel unter Wasser bei zu langen Tauchgängen
  • durch bestimmte eigene Zauber



„... so I just type here and everyone sees it?“
„Adding Vanilla Flavor to Ice Giants“
„All races struggle to preserve their existence“
„Always Frisky Kerrans <AFK>“
„Ancient Alliances will determine Norrath’s Fate“
„Artistically Tattooing Drakkin“
„Attaching Beards to Dwarves“
„Beware, there’s a huge wasp of bees“
„Bristlebane Was Here“
„Buy:LurN Tu Tok liK Da OgUr iN Ayt DaYz by OG“
„Checking Anti-Camp Radius“
„Creating Randomly Generated Feature“
„Delivering the Lion Meat to Halas“
„Does Anyone Actually Read This?“
„Doing Something You Don’t Wanna Know About“
„Doing The Impossible“
„Don’t Panic“
„Ensuring Everything Works Perfectly“
„Ensuring Gnomes Are Still Short“
„Filling Halflings With Pie“
„Fitting houses into backpacks“
„Generating Plains for Faster-Than-Light Travel“
„Great cities are fortifying their walls“
„Grrr. Bark. Bark. Grrr.“
„Halflings are now known as Two-Thirdlings“
„Have You Hugged An Iksar Today?“
„Have You Tried Batwing Crunchies Cereal?“
„Hiding Catnip From Vah Shir“
„Hitting Your Keyboard Won't Make This Faster“
„Honk If You Eat Gnomes“
„If You Are Squeezing Dark Elves, You Don't Get Wine“
„I Hate Subliminal Messages“
„In The Grey, No One Can Hear You Scream“
„Isn’t It About Time You Washed Your Armor?“
„Kicking gnolls off the couch (again)“
„Karnor’s ... Over 41 Billion Trains Served“
„Loading, Don't Wait If You Don't Want To“
„Looking For Graphics <LFG>“
„Looking Up Barbarian Kilts“
„Look Out Behind You“
„Many aim to rule over Norrath at any cost“
„Many electrons died to bring you this“
„Most arguments lose to a good axe“
„My pet did WHAT?“
„Never trust a smiling Bellikos “
„Now Spawning Fippy Darkpaw 432,366,578“
„Oiling Clockworks“
„Outfitting Pigs with Wings“
„Paper is fine, rock is overpowered“
„Pizza ... The Other Other White Meat“
„Polishing Erudite Foreheads“
„Preparing to Spin You Around Rapidly“
„Refreshing Death Touch Ammunition“
„Relocating the Burning Woods“
„Ruining My Own Lands“
„Sanding Wood Elves ... now 34 % smoother“
„Sharpening Swords“
„Scissors are fine, paper ist overpowered“
„So ... who want's pie?“
„Starching High Elf Robes“
„Strapping on ten backpacks“
„Stringing Bows“
„Stupidificationing Ogres“
„Swimming in lava isn’t good for your skin“
„Swords are readily raised. Be on your guard.“
„Teaching Snakes to Kick“
„Tendrils of Discord creep across the land“
„The Age of War is upon us“
„The gods have fallen silent“
„Told You, It Wasn't Made Of Cheese“
„Warning: Half Elves Are Now .49999 Elves“
„Whacking Trolls With Ugly Stick“
„What elephant?“
„Why Do Clerics Always Burn The Bread?“
„Wonder If Phinegal Autropos Tires of Seafood?“
„You Have Gotten Better At Fizzling! (47)“
„You Have Gotten Better At Loading! (15)“
„Your loyalities will be tested“
„Your zone will be loading Soon(tm)“

Zitate aus dem Spiel

„!uoy ekil semong etah yllaer I“ (Mutanten mögen Anagramme.)
„Doctor? No I think you must have me confused with someone else. I've never studied medicine in any form.“ (Tavid Dennants Hommage an Dr. Who)
„Error 1.1. Abort, Retry, Fail?“ (Woran erinnert mich diese Fehlermeldung der gnomischen Kriegsmaschine nur?)
„I am victoo..victoo...I win!“ (ein Oger, der des Englischen nicht so mächtig ist)
„Relax for a moment. I just set your ribs back into place after the kobolds left you here.“ (Arias’ Begrüßung im Tutorial)

Easter Eggs

NSC und Gegner

  • Einige Charaktere im Spiel sind den Entwicklern oder GMs nachempfunden. So handelt es sich beim Waffenhändler Absor in den Minen der Düstertiefe höchstwahrscheinlich um einen der Entwickler, die sich in der Anfangszeit maßgeblich um die Waffen kümmerten.